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The Movement of the Temple Mount Faithful features prominently in God’s Elect and emulates the actual Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement founded and led by Gershon Salomon. The movement considers Jewish settlement and development within the historical biblical borders of the Land of Israel as mandatory and divinely inspired. In contrast to secular political Zionism which views Israel as a modern national endeavor, the Movement’s ideology is based on biblical precedents and commandments. Considering the land as sanctified and settlement a holy imperative its members aspire to return to a theocratic biblical state with its heart pulsating in a Holy of Holies within a rebuilt Third Temple in a united Jerusalem.In God’s Elect, this wishful yearning is about to become reality when the Movement discovers that the Temple Treasures are to be returned to Israel. The restoration of the Temple Treasures to Mount Moriah is considered to be the legitimate trigger for building the Third Temple. Believing that this turning point signifies the prophesized end-times of redemption, is the Temple of the God of Israel soon to be rebuilt in Jerusalem?


The Roman army’s conquest of Israel and Judea resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman General Titus in 70 AD is the bedrock of the story of God’s Elect. Titus understood the centrality of the Temple in Jewish life. He undoubtedly knew that without conquering Jerusalem and entering the Temple, his conquest of Judea would remain incomplete. The importance of this event for the Romans including the removal of the Treasures to Rome is depicted very clearly in the sculptured relief on the Triumphal Arch of Titus, still standing in the Forum Romanum in Rome.

After the fall of the Roman Empire Christian Rome speedily evolved into the center of the Western world’s spiritual power base.
And it was here, in the Vatican’s cellars, that the Temple Treasures were hidden away by the popes throughout two thousand years of history.
Yet no pope admitted this. Following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and the Vatican in the 1970s, Israel has, on various occasions, demanded the return of the treasures.

In God’s Elect, Pope Urban IX’s secret offer to return the Treasures to Israel is of shattering significance. His proposal is part and parcel of the devious ideological plot concocted by the sect of the True Templers. By returning the treasures, Israel’s ultra right sector would pressure the government into legitimizing their hold on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. However, the restoration of the Temple would necessitate the removal of one of Islam’s holiest shrines on the Temple Mount. Such an act would obviously be the trigger for the Islamic world to unite against Israel in a global jihad.
If the pope’s proposal crystallizes into reality how would Israel and the world contend with this extraordinarily perilous situation?

The German Protestant sect, known as the Templers (as distinguished from the medieval Templars), provides the main axis of the story. Breaking away from the Protestant church in the 19th century the sect was established in south Germany by the Protestant theologian Christoff Hoffman. Originally the movement was called the ‘German Temple’ and was based on the idea of living modestly according to the early Apostolic biblical Christian teachings within a community of like-minded people.
Although the three mainstays of the group were community, piety and prophecy, the centrality of their belief was a millenarian ideology whose message claims, that only by living in the Holy Land can they promote the Second Coming of Christ. Thus, the Templer leaders encouraged their members to settle in the Holy Land to prepare for Messianic salvation. This settlement began in 1869, and by 1908 the Templers had established nine colonies in Palestine. During the 1930s the Templers pro-Nazi activities became troublesome to their Jewish neighbors and the British Mandate Authority.
Many of the Templers did in fact join the Nazi Party, and all Templer children became members of the Hitler Youth. When World War II broke out and as the Templers made no effort to disguise their Nazi sympathies, the British interned the Templers in special camps until 1941 when they were deported to Australia.In 1948, the newly established State of Israel rejected the Templers’ appeal to return to the Holy Land. This rejection was the trigger evoking the concept and establishment of a hard core splinter sect, called the True Templers. Their goal and endeavors to realize their radical millenarian ideology against all odds is the core of the story.

When is a pope not a pope?

In God’s Elect, Pope Urban IX ascends to the holiest seat in western Christendom in the wake of a horrendous terrorist attack on western leadership where his predecessor was murdered. The new pope convinces the leaders of the western world that only a modern-day crusade can obliterate the evil of radical Islamic terrorism. Based on Christian canon law and precedents of the Just War, Urban lX now presents a convincing solution to the ongoing war of civilizations.

But who is Urban IX actually representing when he advocates the crusade, and what is his true agenda when he makes that extraordinary promise to Israel’s Chief Rabbi to return the Temple Treasures?

Although the core tenet in millenarianism is the imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ, this can only come about, however, following the final war on earth, namely, the War of Gog and Magog has been waged. This belief is no mere yearning but a proactive and dynamic conviction. Consequently, God has chosen his saints to set this in motion and actualize the divine process. The actual destined site of the battle is the biblical city of Megiddo in northern Israel, referred to in the New Testament as Armageddon.

In God’s Elect the True Templers believe to have been divinely chosen to realize God’s millenarial mandate. They interpret the annihilating clash between Western and Islamic civilizations as the War of Gog and Magog.

Radical Islam, based on a theological fundamentalism, has spun its web across the entire Islamic spectrum. It has embedded itself within the major branches of Sunni and Shiite Islam and is the guiding light of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Defying geographical boundaries it has spread its zealous and pernicious ideas through international terrorist organizations such as Al Queda and World Jihad. The geographical reach of its public and secret organizations covers most of the globe from Europe to the Middle East to small Indonesian islands.In God’s Elect,
radical Islam makes its most daring and horrendous strike at the inauguration ceremony of the recently established international city of Astropol, located on the Caucasian Mountains. In a mega-terrorist attack, in March 2010 it liquidates almost the entire Western leadership. In the wake of this catastrophe newly appointed Western leaders are installed in office, including the nomination of a new Pope, Urban IX.

Iran is undoubtedly a strategic key player in the fragile geo-political matrix of the Middle East. Its obsessiveness with the possessesson of a nuclear bomb is not only alarming its neighbors countries, but is putting the entire world at risk. Concurrantly, moderate Arab regimes and especially Israel consider the situation as critical.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the True Templers endeavor to draw Iran into its millenarial web. The War of Gog and Magog must take Iran and its nuclear potential into account. So where is Iran positioned on the apolyptical stage? And more to the point, can it be guided to act as a useful player in the True Templers’ design?

The principal source of millenarianism is located in the Gospel of John the Divine, although associated ideas are also to be found in other prophetical books of the bible such as Issiah and Ezekiel.

The ideology of millenarianism is the dominant theme underpinning the story of God’s Elect.
It is the core doctrine propelling the True Templers to implement their plans at all costs. Their understanding of millenarianism originates from their interpretation of Christianity. In discussing the meaning of millenarial belief, the True Templers refer to a number of prophetical and apolyptical verses from the Book of Revelations. For instance, they exclaim, “we are fast approaching the prophesized Age of Millenarianism. Gentlemen, the Third Age is being ushered in, when our Lord Jesus Christ returns for the Second Coming to reign for a thousand years”. And this is the heart of the millenarial theme: Jesus Christ’s Second Coming and his thousand years reign on earth together with his elected saints, chief among them, the True Templers. However, before this age can be realized God’s Elect
have to discern the millenarial signs and activate events to bring this about.

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