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Frank Shapiro's Bio

Historian Frank Shapiro, author of the recently published Haven in Africa (Jerusalem/New York: Gefen Publications, 2002), has devoted many years to a scrutinizing research of Jewish Community history.

Commissioned by the Council for Zambian Jewry to study and document the history of the Jews of Northern Rhodesia/Zambia, his work included over a hundred interviews as well as research in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and Israel, and culminated in the publication Zion in Africa (London/New York: Tauris Publications, 1999).

Mr. Shapiro's previous research projects in the field of Jewish Community history, conducted and published as part of his work at the Museum of Diaspora, Tel Aviv, explore the history of Jews of the Polish stetl Novogrudok and of the Jewish Ghetto of Saana, Yemen.

Holding a Master's degree in History from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and a Bachelor's degree in History and Education from the Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Mr. Shapiro has dedicated over ten years to teaching European, Jewish and world history in high-schools. In addition, he designed and implemented a special course on world Jewish history in the Ofek School for gifted children in Jerusalem.

Born in London, Frank Shapiro had immigrated at the age of twenty-one to Israel, where he now lives with his wife and family.