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The Nexus

New Perspectives on the Holocaust

This site has been established as a result of new evidence that has come to light regarding the destiny of Jews in Nazi Europe.

In stark contrast to the historical consensus to date, research now reveals that an extraordinary opportunity of salvation almost crystallized into actuality. Central European Jewry was on the brink of being rescued. Plans have now been uncovered for saving vast numbers of Jews and resettling them in safety.

The facts must be stated up front: masses of Jews were about to be evacuated from Europe and allowed to settle in Northern Rhodesia, a British protectorate situated in southern central Africa.

A Jewish refugee-Northern Rhodesian nexus was established. And more than ten settlement plans for Jewish settlement in Northern Rhodesia were proposed between May 1938 and the outbreak of the Second World War. Scores of thousands of Jews, an initial nucleus, were on the brink of being brought out of Nazi Europe to a haven in central Africa.

Who planned this strategy of salvation; what went wrong; who thwarted the plans? Why has this information remained undisclosed for so long? These are poignant and worrying questions to answer. And these are the questions raised, analyzed and answered in Haven in Africa.