Hi, my name’s Frank Shapiro and some strands of my working life are as follows:

I’m a graduate of medieval history from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem as well as a
postgraduate of London University. I also worked as high school history teacher of
European and Jewish history. Among other positions I held was the post of assistant
researcher at the Museum of the Diaspora, Tel Aviv.

Commissioned by the Council of Zambian Jewry to research and write the history of the
Jews in Northern Rhodesia/Zambia led to the publication of Zion in Africa.

This was followed by Haven in Africa, revealing an unknown nexus between Northern
Rhodesia and the Holocaust.

My first novel, God’s Elect, is an exciting contemporary historical suspense story.

Eve and Mary: the Search for Lost Beauty and Sensuality released in June 2014 exposes
a remarkable discovery leading to a trail of unusual historical and cultural
revelations. This work is a readable book cum travel journal encompassing a rich cultural
tapestry highlighting art, Christianity, history and more.

My newest publication is the intriguing novel, The Dating Fantasy. This novel relates the
protagonist’s unusual past dating experiences which constantly haunt and interchange
with the inner web of a convoluted intrigue and personal conflicts of the now.

I have lectured frequently on my subjects and have contributed diverse historical articles
in newspapers and journals.

I was born in London, England and live in Israel.