Read how Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ closest companion, was metaphorically crucified! In one dramatic act of interpretation and condemnation the role model of Mary Magdalene was severed from the axis of Christianity. The Apostle of the Apostle was suddenly considered undesirable and dangerous. Yet, at the crucifixion while all Jesus’ disciples scattered in fear, Mary stayed by his side. Later, she was the driving spirit encouraging the followers to return to build the movement. It was Mary Magdalene who saved Christianity from becoming just another marginal sect. As is often the case, the issue is the bending of truth.

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Unusual past dating experiences constantly haunt and interchange with the inner web of convoluted intrigue and personal conflicts of the now. Mark Zuskind, a retired historian, meets up with the beautiful Helena, a professor from Russia, after being manipulated by an invitation to attend an international conference in Budapest. Targeted by the Vatican for his alleged blasphemous writings and lectures, Mark now finds himself at the center of a complex plot. An organization for women’s empowerment takes up Mark’s predicament to fight for academic freedom and equality for women in the Church. At every stage the present clashes with the past evoking Mark’s denouement of dating trysts.

“The oft-overlooked Jewish contribution to the development of southern Africa and Zambia in particular is superbly chronicled in this thorough and well researched account. Easy reading. Highly recommended”.

This work represents the definitive account of the Jewish community in central Africa. It tells the story of the coming of the first Jews to the area in the late-19th century, the heyday of the Jewish community in the mid-20th century, and its decline since Zambian independence. Dealing primarily with the Jewish traders in Zambia who flourished in the face of both anti-Semitism and their own acute social dislocation, Hugh Macmillan explores a number of related topics: the colonial office discussions about Jewish immigration in the 1930s, the attempts to settle refugees in Africa by both pro- and anti-Semites, Jewish religious life in the region, and the remarkable cultural and professional role played by the Jewish settlers. Setting these issues in the context of a general history of southern and central Africa, this book constitutes a major contribution to our understanding of the economic history of the entire region.

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מאנגלית: הדסה הנדלר. סדרת חממה ספרותית.

רומן. הרב הראשי לישראל מוזמן על ידי האפיפיור לפגישה הקשורה בביזת בית המקדש שהתרחשה אלפי שנים לפני כן. הפרשה מקבלת מפנה דרמטי כשמתברר שמנהיג הכנסייה עורך שיחות גם עם נשיא איראן המעוניין בהשמדת ישראל.

אלפי שנים לאחר שכלי הקודש של בית המקדש נבזזו על ידי הרומאים, מקבל הרב הראשי לישראל הזמנה לפגישה חשאית עם האפיפיור החדש שזה עתה התמנה לתפקידו בוותיקן. בדרכו לרומא, הרב אינו מעלה על דעתו כי פגישה זו תהיה נקודת מפנה בחייו האישיים ויותר מכך – בחיי העם בישראל.

האפיפיור אורבנוס התשיעי, שדרכו לכהונה מפוקפקת, מחזיק באמתחתו סוד שיכול לשנות סדרי עולם. הפגישה בין השניים מתחילה סדרת אירועים אישיים ועולמיים שעלולים לזרוע הרס וחורבן. לשניהם מטרה משותפת, אך את האפיפיור מניעה מורשת שמקורה בכת דתית קנאית ואפלה.

נשיא איראן, חביב מוחבי, מחכה בקוצר רוח להשלמת תכניתו של האפיפיור. הוא יודע שהיום שבו העולם האסלאמי יקבל את מבוקשו, קרב. מי הוא האפיפיור? מה מסתתר מאחורי חזותו התמימה? מהם מניעיו וכיצד הם קשורים לנשיא איראן ולכוונתו לפתוח במלחמה כנגד ישראל? עלילת הספר, המשלבת בין מציאות לדמיון, תסחוף את הקורא על פני שנים, ארצות ודתות – עד לסיומה המפתיע.

לרכישת הספר באתר הספרים של רשת סטימצקי לחץ פה

The first pope could have been a woman. Why isn’t Teresa lll or Catherine V waving at us from the Vatican window in St. Peter’s Square? After all, Jesus made no bones about gender issues. And Mary Magdalene was certainly most fitting to be the first bishop of Rome. So what when wrong? As is often the case, the issue is the bending of truth.

Eve and Mary: The Search for Lost Beauty and Sensuality is an exciting voyage of historical and cultural discovery that steps into the stream of familiar legends and myths as well as other unusual and surprising events, seeking, exploring and making sense of the stigmatization of sexual pleasure and the vanishing of beauty in the Early Middle Ages in Europe.

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“files reveal the plans that could have saved hundreds
of thousands of European Jews from Nazi extermination”

New evidence that has come to light regarding the destiny of Jews in Nazi Europe. An extraordinary opportunity of salvation almost crystallized into actuality. Central European Jewry was on the brink of being rescued. The facts must be stated up front: masses of Jews were about to be evacuated from Europe and allowed to settle in Northern Rhodesia, a British protectorate situated in southern central Africa.

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God’s Elect depicts a thrilling drama, where fact and fiction merge.
This potent mixture exposes the reader to an electrifying and credible scenario.

A newly elected Pope makes a historic decision in the wake of the world’s worst terrorist outrage. He will share the Vatican’s oldest secret with Israel’s Chief Rabbi.
On Jerusalem’s Temple Mount masses demonstrate for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. What could stop them if the Temple Treasures, looted two thousand years ago by Rome’s triumphant Roman general Titus, really have come to light?

Yet nothing is as it seems. Behind this new Pope’s statesmanlike gesture lies a sinister plot hatched by a fanatical sect. Unsuspected and seemingly unstoppable, this sect worms its way into the heart of Christendom determined to change the fate of the world.

Behind these events stands a clash of civilizations now teetering on the brink of war. Menaced on all sides by hostile Islamic states and in fear of nuclear attack, Israel has to decide whether to co-operate with the papacy – even as suspicions mount that each side is as diabolical and deceptive as the other.

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